Fight the COVID 19 virus

Fight the COVID 19 virus


Fight the COVID-19 virus

Facing the sudden epidemic of new crown pneumonia, LINYI LUJU INC is actively involved in all kinds of epidemic prevention and control work, and using practical actions to fulfill the responsibilities and responsibilities of Chinese plywood enterprises.

On the premise of doing our best to prevent and control the epidemic, we actively donated money and materials to the epidemic prevention and control, donated RMB 1,000 to Wuhan Charity Federation, and donated RMB 30,000 to the local government ( Hedong District Government of Linyi City ).

The epidemic is ruthless, and I believe that spring will always come!

Epidemic crisis in all countries,we send 50-100 masks to our customers for free. Already donated more than 2,000 masks, we are still continuing, if you are our customer and you need masks, please contact us as soon as possible, we will send you right now.

Isolate viruses but not love, because love is the best bridge.

Fight the COVID 19 virus Fight the COVID 19 virus

Fight the COVID 19 virus Fight the COVID 19 virus

Linyi LUJU INC has more than 10 years experience of board producing and exporting.
We focus on production,and exporting PlywoodFilm faced plywood and OSB.

IN 2017,Linyi Luju got AEO certification,CE,CARB certification and passed ISO9001,
2015 quality management system certification
.with independent intellectual property rights.

and 5 product patents

our company registered independent brand "CC " China core brand in multiple countries.

Together with 4 stable production plants
2 OSB production lines
8 plywood production lines
and 1 large-size particleboard production line

Linyi Luju exports 100000M3 of various plates to the world every year
About plywood and film faced plywood for construction
We adopt the most advanced splicing machine in China.
to produce whole piece and seamless Core Veneer
Dry all the raw materials to keep moisture below 12%
Our company strictly controls the amount of glue
the time of cold and hot-pressing pressure and temperature
Linyi Luju use the most advanced fixed thickness sanding machine,polishing machine

We produce high-end 6.5mm flower Shelf Plate to export Europe for planting
transportation and storage of fresh flowers
For the production of high-end furniture Pine plywood
full poplar bleached plywood
Okoume plywood are all exported to European and American countries

with slotted surface and special size processing deep processed plywood
can meet the different needs of customers around the world
Membrane-coated board for high-end and mid-range buildings
is produced with poplar or hardwood core
which are processed with waterproof glue
It can be reused 5-50times
which get Australian F17 certification
At the same time our company can produce non-slip membrane for car floor and stage

About OSB products
We are the earliest company to research and produce OSB in China.
Our company creates a precedent for the production of OSB from poplar and birch.
The current main production thickness is 6-25mm

Size is 1220*2440 and other special sizes
The largest length we can produce is 4880mm OSB
In 2018 Liny Luju conducted continuous research and development according to market demand

OSB is processed deeply
The smart OSB we produced has been successful and obtained market recognition
The mass production is realized
And we produces tin foil OSBSlotted OSB and OSB carpentry beam successfully
About large-size particleboard
Linyi Luju produces large-size particleboard as follows 1525*2500mm1830*2500mm 1830*2745mm

According to customer needsit can paste melamine paper on one side and both sides
There are many colors such as white and wood grain
Products are mainly sold in the Chinese domestic market
We are now entering the international market
Believe we can cooperate in the future

Excellent and professional service team
Think about what customers think
Your needs are our never-ending steps
Your satisfaction is our goal forever
The world is more wonderful because of you
It has abundant forests resources