Development history of Luju (CC) OSB

Development history of Luju (CC) OSB

Luju's sales of European pine board at home and abroad have a relatively large network and a stable market foundation. Based on the company's production / export, import / sales of European pine board in the past 17 years, the company's understanding and prospects of European pine board will be shared with relevant domestic people

Oriented particleboard is a new type of high strength wood particleboard. Because of its high bending strength, small coefficient of linear expansion, good stability, strong screw grip, low glue consumption, moderate price and wide source of raw materials, it is incomparable to plywood, ordinary particleboard and fiberboard in the use of building materials, and is quite competitive. In Europe and North America, OSB has largely replaced plywood and ordinary Particleboard in construction and other fields, and has developed rapidly with its excellent performance and appropriate price. Based on this, the company, in line with the concept of developing new products and new markets, made an understanding of the European pine board at the end of 2005 Through the Internet, the company began to carry out international publicity on the European pine board, and through the process of visiting and learning in Xuzhou Changqing company, it deepened its understanding and understanding of the European pine board. It is believed that this product will have market potential at home and abroad At the beginning of 2006, we worked with American companies to export the European pine board made in China to Ukraine, and the quantity is more than 10 containers per month In China, Nanfang company produces fairway boards with European pine boards. These sales information have confirmed the research and investment of the company's personnel in European pine boards And opened our company and the European pine board side by side development voyage

There must be some troubles that follow: the quality of European pine board in the factory is unstable, and the service links of the factory are also unsatisfactory. Therefore, on the basis of summarizing and studying the experience of plate production, we invested and built a small test production line at the end of 2006 to produce the so-called Chinese European pine board It was fully underwritten by customers from Central Asian countries at the Canton Fair on April 15, 2007 This has strengthened our interest and investment in Ou song With the passage of time, the continuous enrichment of production experience and the continuous improvement of sales experience, the export sales of the company's European pine board is in the forefront of the country, and it is far ahead of the country in terms of export volume every year

In order to improve the company's professionalism in European pine board, the company began to import and sell European pine board from Europe in 2011, which is a powerful supplement to our domestic European pine board and adds a take-off wing to our specialization in European pine board

Now the company has truly realized Luju Ousong board, imported and domestic, which has been used and recognized by elites at home and abroad

Production history of oriented Particleboard in China

As early as 1982, huayukun, a teacher from Nanjing Forestry University, has started research in this field, and has specially set up a test line and designed disc type, sawtooth type and other paving equipment.

The first OSB production line was introduced by Nanjing woodwork factory in 1985, with an annual output of 10000 cubic meters. The second production line was introduced by Ganzhou No. 2 timber factory, with an annual output of 16800 cubic meters. The two production lines have not been in normal production since they were completed. The year 2005 was a landmark year for OSB in China. Heilongjiang Jiamu Board Industry Co., Ltd. adopted a full set of equipment from simbeier CommScope of Germany to build and put into operation a production line with an annual output of 12000 cubic meters, Xuzhou Changqing oriented chipboard Co., Ltd. built a production line with an annual output of 15000 cubic meters, Fengkai County of Guangdong Province built a production line with an annual output of 16000 cubic meters, and Yunnan Pu'er Linda Wood Industry Co., Ltd. built a production line with an annual output of 16000 cubic meters. Shandong Luli and Fujian Zhangzhou Hongwei wood-based panel company also produce a small amount of oriented particleboard. That is, in the same year, Linyi Jinchao wood began to produce OSB, and all the goods were exported abroad. In 2010, the largest OSB production line in Asia, Baoyuan fine wood board, was completed, which opened the real sense of OSB production in China.

We give full play to the advantages of small ships and good turnaround, study the needs of foreign markets, and produce products with low cost, which can meet the needs of some foreign countries, so the supply of products exceeds the demand However, due to the impact of the international environment, since 2014, the production and export orders have been reduced by half. However, we believe that with the recovery of foreign trade and the recovery of the world economy, our own European pine board will still give full play to our own advantages and occupy a place in the world market

Market status of oriented Particleboard

Oriented particleboard has been developed in China for many years, but it still hasn't improved much. Is it chicken ribs or sweet pastry?

Oriented particleboard can lead the market in Europe and America, but can't it become the leader in China? Besides, oriented particleboard is really a good thing. There are many reasons for this acclimatization. According to the application of oriented particleboard, there are mainly the following reasons:

1) Raw materials: all the small-diameter wood used to make oriented Particleboard in Europe and America is pine, but only poplar can be used in China, which is the most essential difference. However, poplar is a very popular multilayer board, particleboard

Density board and wood board compete to use raw materials. The hero of oriented particleboard can not stand many people and cannot compete for food;

2) People like different things: Europe and the United States like to live in wooden houses, and most Chinese people live in cement and steel buildings, so the oriented Particleboard Market has not been able to boast;

3) Cost: most packaging materials in Europe and America are oriented particleboard. The cost is too high for China. I can use 3mm thick multilayer board. Why use 6mm oriented particleboard?

4) Usage habits: Cement formwork, plywood, bamboo plywood and other materials are used by Chinese people. For vehicles and ships, bamboo plywood and other materials are mostly used by Chinese people.

It may be said that oriented particleboard can fully enter the above fields, just change the usage habits. In fact, this statement is only half right. Habit is important, but cost is the final determinant.

Prospect of oriented Particleboard

At present, oriented particleboard is among the competitors in various application fields in China. For example, packaging field: solid wood, plywood, etc. Vehicle and vessel field: fireproof board, bamboo plywood, bamboo silk board, etc. based on particleboard. Wooden houses: there are few wooden houses in China. Oriented particleboard is the first choice for flat to sloping and building wooden houses. Floor field: multilayer board (a kind of plywood). Building formwork field: multilayer board, bamboo plywood, steel formwork, etc.

From the above analysis, it can be seen that there are mainly two competitive types of oriented particleboard: multilayer plywood and bamboo plywood. Our company has been engaged in the production and sales of oriented particleboard for many years. After careful analysis, summary and research, we believe that the dispute between oriented particleboard and plywood is a cost competition in addition to quality and performance. In other words, the competition between oriented particleboard and plywood is the competition of cost. If the cost of oriented particleboard is dominant, its market share will be dominant.

Cost competition between oriented particleboard and plywood:

1) Raw materials: cost of glue and small diameter wood; The materials and glues of plywood core board in China are completely the same as those of oriented particleboard.

2) Labor intensive cost and assembly line efficiency; Plywood is a labor-intensive industry in China. Oriented particleboard is an assembly line operation, and efficiency is the main means to reduce costs.

In foreign countries, the cost of plywood is higher than that of oriented particleboard, especially the unit labor wage, which is the reason why the oriented particleboard office gradually replaces plywood in North America.

In China, there is no large sales volume of oriented particleboard. The main reason is that the energy consumption and labor wage per unit volume of plywood are lower than the corresponding value of oriented particleboard.

At present, with the rising human and energy costs in China, the advantages of oriented particleboard will gradually become more obvious. When the quantitative changes of these costs accumulate to a certain extent, they will certainly cause qualitative changes, thus promoting the directional particleboard to eventually surpass plywood.

China has a large population and a small area, and there are great differences in people's living standards, consumption concepts and architectural styles compared with foreign countries. The construction of small foreign houses with oriented structure Particleboard in China can only be regarded as a medium - and long-term goal. With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for vacation tourism is rising, and the development of oriented particleboard towards tourist resorts is still very potential.

The development of a product is determined by many factors. We just put forward some opinions on the development of oriented Particleboard in China on the basis of our experience, which may not be a glimpse of the leopard. However, we believe that with the continuous change and development of China's economy and people's lifestyle. With the improvement of standards and supporting facilities for oriented particleboard, oriented particleboard will certainly get its due status in China. To borrow the words of the previous generation of oriented particleboard research: it can be predicted that OSB will become a brilliant flower in the field of wood-based panel application in China in the near future.