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Leader Engineered Wood Products

Leader Engineered Wood Products

Leader - The Epitome of Strength and Versatility in Engineered Wood Products
Plywood, a versatile and durable engineered wood product, has been a cornerstone in the construction and woodworking industries for decades. Among the esteemed manufacturers, Leader stands tall as a trusted brand, producing top-quality plywood known for its exceptional strength, versatility, and reliability. In this article, we explore the composition, manufacturing process, applications, and sustainable aspects of Leader Plywood.

Introduction to Plywood:
Plywood is a type of engineered wood made from thin layers of wood veneers, known as plies or planks, bonded together with strong adhesive resins. Each ply's grain direction is rotated by 90 degrees, creating a cross-grain pattern that enhances the board's structural integrity. This unique construction method imparts remarkable strength and stability to the plywood, making it suitable for various applications.

Leader Plywood: A Symbol of Excellence:
Leader, a reputable name in the wood industry, has garnered trust and admiration for its commitment to producing high-quality plywood. The brand's dedication to innovation, precision, and sustainability has positioned Leader as a leading choice for builders, architects, and craftsmen alike.

Manufacturing Process:
Leader Plywood's manufacturing process is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and modern technology. It involves the following key steps:
a. Veneer Selection: The process begins with the careful selection of wood species for the veneer layers. Leader ensures that only the finest and defect-free veneers are chosen, ensuring superior quality.
b. Veneer Peeling: The selected logs are subjected to veneer peeling machines, which skillfully peel thin layers from the logs. These veneers are uniform in thickness and possess excellent strength characteristics.
c. Glue Application: A high-quality adhesive is applied to the veneers, bonding them together to create a panel. Leader prioritizes the use of low-emission and eco-friendly adhesives for environmental sustainability.
d. Pressing: The veneer layers are stacked and fed into a hot press, where heat and pressure activate the adhesive, forming a strong bond between the plies. This process results in a stable and robust plywood panel.
e. Finishing: After pressing, the plywood panels undergo precision trimming, sanding, and grading to meet Leader's stringent quality standards.

Superlative Characteristics:
Leader Plywood is distinguished by several exceptional characteristics that set it apart from other materials:
a. Strength and Stability: The cross-grain construction provides superior strength and stability, making Leader Plywood ideal for load-bearing applications.
b. Versatility: Its ability to withstand bending, warping, and splitting makes it suitable for a wide range of structural and decorative purposes.
c. Machinability: Leader Plywood can be easily cut, drilled, and shaped, allowing for intricate designs and custom solutions.
d. Dimensional Consistency: The manufacturing process ensures consistent dimensions and thickness, facilitating ease of installation and reducing waste.
e. Resistance to Moisture: When properly sealed, Leader Plywood exhibits good resistance to moisture, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
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LINYI LUJU INC, established in 2012, obtained the customs AEO(Authorized Enterprise Organization) certificate in 2017. With independent intellectual property rights,     CC ®, LEADER ® brands and 6 patents for OSB related products, build factory laboratories, the products have obtained CE,FSC,CARB,JAS,BSI-benchmark AS 6669,BSI-benchmark AS/NZS 2269 and other quality certifications.
Has many stable cooperative factories, include two OSB production line, and many plywood/ LVL production lines. About 100,000 cubic meters are produced and exported to all over the world every year.