what is Oriented Strand Board

what is Oriented Strand Board

what is Oriented Strand Board?
OSB (Oriented Strand Board) is an engineered wood panel made of wood strands, which are in cross-oriented pattern and bonded with adhesives under heat and pressure .

OSB is different from MDF and Particle Board . MDF is made of wood powder . Particle Board is made of wood powder and very small wood chips which are put in random pattern .These are why OSB is better than MDF and Particle Board in strength, stiffness and consistency .

Oriented structural particleboard is a kind of oriented structural board made from small-diameter wood, thinning wood and wood core, which is processed into planing pieces by special equipment,and then processed by deoiling, drying, sizing, oriented paving, hot pressing and other processes.
what is Oriented Strand Board
The material is uniform, its own weight is light, and its expansion and contraction will not be obvious when it meets heat and cold, so its stability is relatively strong

The OSB has overall consistency, no interfaces and gaps, and the surface is flat and bright. Generally, deformation and cracking will not occur, and the service life is long

The OSB is very environmental friendly, almost zero formaldehyde, harmless to human body, and improves the safety of life.It has strong waterproof and moisture-proof ability,and will not deform or crack due to soaking in water or humidity.

OSB board has good stability, strong grip and wide application. These characteristics of OSB board are due to its raw materials and process. The linear expansion coefficient of the board is small, the stability is good, the wood is uniform, and the screw holding force is strong. OSB plate is a kind of directional structural plate. Its longitudinal bending strength is greater than that in the transverse direction, so it can be used as structural material and stress member. In fact, OSB board is widely used for floors, walls, roofs, packing cases, goods pallets, etc.Depending on the glue used, OSB can be suitable for interior or exterior applications and be classified into 4 groups (BS EN 300):

OSB/1 – General purpose panels for use in dry conditions

OSB/2 – Load-bearing panels for use in dry conditions,It is mainly used for interior walls, ceilings, ordinary furniture, interior decoration substrates, wooden doors, etc. of structural houses.

OSB/3 – Load-bearing panels for use in humid conditions,It is mainly used in the manufacture of load-bearing furniture, wood structure buildings in less rainy areas, etc.

what is Oriented Strand Board
OSB/4 – Heavy duty load-bearing panels for use in humid conditions,It is mainly used for the external walls of wooden structure houses, etc.

OSB is cheaper than plywood . The wood strands for OSB come from cheaper small logs. The wood veneers for plywood come from large logs .

OSB is a good substitute for plywood in some applications, such as furniture, roof, wall, sub floor, DIY and so on .
The growth in global OSB consumption has been rapid in recent years .

China not only produces/exports OSB, but also imports OSB .

The production process of OSB includes:
Feeding --drying-- gluing-- paving-- pre-pressing-- hot-pressing --cooling sawing--painting

Other OSB products include:

Anti- Termites OSB、Surface slotted OSB smart osb、radiant barrier osb、H20 OSB beam、T&G OSB、SIP OSB、EPS OSB、OSB with JAS for Japan market、
High Quality OSB with Melamine Paper、MDI OSB Isocyanate glue radiata pine OSB
, etc.
what is Oriented Strand Board