Seven Mistakes About the OSB Board

Seven Mistakes About the OSB Board

Seven Mistakes About the OSB Board

OSB is one of the fastest growing boards for modern furniture making, which is widely used in architecture, decoration, furniture, packaging and other fields.

Why does the OSB board develop so rapidly?

What is the difference between OSB board and Osson board?


OSB board is a high-quality board made of logs by professional automation equipment through rotary cutting, drying, sizing (PMDI isocyanate glue), hot pressing and other processes.

As an environment-friendly building decoration material, OSB board has been widely used in building, decoration, furniture, packaging and other fields in North America, Europe, Japan and other developed countries. It is an upgraded product of blockboard and plywood.

With environmental protection, moisture-proof, strong toughness, stability and deformation; Good overall uniformity, easy to process; Good thermal insulation performance; Advantages of strong sound absorption performance.

Several Misunderstandings about OSB Board in the Market

Myth 1: OSB board is Osson board

In the eyes of some consumers and project managers, the OSB board, which looks slightly rough on the surface, seems to be no different from the Osson board. It doesn't matter which one you use, but it is not.

Osson board is a kind of density board, with good modeling performance and strong moisture absorption deformation. OSB board is also called Osson board, oriented structural board, and oriented particle board, which can be used as interior decoration, furniture production, housing construction, and packaging materials.

OSB board is a deformation resistant tension board, which is a combination of irregular slices of solid wood, and is closer to blockboard than Osson board.

This is the authentic OSB board

Myth 2: Poor nail holding force of OSB board

The reason why OSB boards are not easy to eat ordinary nails is that most of the wood processing in foreign countries uses screws instead of big nails. This is to facilitate disassembly. After disassembly, the boards will not be damaged, and the reuse value is high (traditional big core boards are hammered in with chisels, and they are basically discarded after removal). Therefore, from this angle, it cannot be simply said that OSB boards do not eat nails. In fact, they have a good grip on screws, so it is recommended to use more screws for installation, It's much better than hammering big nails. Just look at IKEA.

Myth 3: The price of the OSB board is very high

Compared with the same level of blockboard, multilayer board and glulam, OSB board has a very high cost performance.

Myth 4: OSB boards are prone to moisture

As the isocyanate adhesive (PMDI) used in OSB board is insoluble in water, the moisture resistance of OSB board is better than that of traditional board. Therefore, it can be widely used in both the north and the south.

Myth 5: OSB board is seriously polluted

OSB boards are all made of high-grade environmental adhesives, which comply with the highest environmental standard EN300 in Europe. The finished products fully comply with the European E1 standard, and their formaldehyde emission is almost zero. Compared with natural wood, OSB boards are far lower than other boards. OSB boards are the highest grade decorative boards on the market at present, and are truly green building materials, which fully meet the requirements of people for environmental protection and healthy life now and in the future.

Myth 6: OSB directly makes decorative panels with poor effect

When using OSB board as decorative panel, just brush a layer of transparent putty and varnish on the surface to ensure smooth shopping. It is simple and convenient to take care of. It can be directly used to make sofas, beds and cabinets. Of course, painting process can also be used to meet more personalized needs.

Mistake seven: OSB board products are easy to deform

It is directly related to the stability of the plate that it will not deform in use. The OSB board surface shavings are arranged longitudinally, and the core shavings are arranged transversely in a crisscross manner, which makes the internal structure more compact, seismic, impact resistance and bending strength meet high requirements.

The home, floor, wooden door, floor slab, bridge cover plate, etc. made of OSB board can always keep stable and not deformed under different temperature, humidity, sunlight, wind and rain conditions, which is incomparable to other wood products