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Company Profile

LINYI LUJU INC, established in 2012, obtained the customs AEO(Authorized Enterprise Organization) certificate in 2017.
With independent intellectual property rights, CC ®, LEADER ® brands and 6 patents for OSB related products,
build factory laboratories, the products have obtained CE,FSC,CARB,JAS,BSI-benchmark AS 6669,
BSI-benchmark AS/NZS 2269 and other quality certifications.

Has many stable cooperative factories, include two OSB production line, and many plywood/ LVL production lines.
About 100,000 cubic meters are produced and exported to all over the world every year. 

There are mainly OSB, Film faced plywood, high-grade plywood and LVL.We strictly control the production process of
our products according to high quality standards. Provide stable product quality and better comprehensive services
for each customer. 

The company will continue to invest in the research and development of new products to meet the needs of
international customers and markets. Continue to contribute our strength to the green development of the
international wood industry chain.

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Strictly control the quality of product according to the high quality standard.
Who we are?
Our company (LINYI LUJU INC ) has CC® brand and Leader® brand products.Leader in China’s wooden board industry.
Our company (LINYI LUJU INC ) has plywood (Leader plywood )and film faced plywood (Leader film face plywood),With F17 certified Film faced plywood (Leader F17 film faced plywood),with fresh core film faced plywood,with finger joint core film faced plywood.
Our company has OSB(Oriented Strand Board). We are the first company in China to produce and develop Oriented Strand Board. We are the earliest company to research and produce OSB and in China. On this basis, after many years, we have successfully developed Smart OSB products, which can be mass produced.
   We also have LVL(Laminated Veneer Lumber)MDF(Medium Density Fiberboard)、H20 beam、WPC,etc.
Linyi Luju has AEO(Authorized Enterprise Organization) certification, FSC certification,CE certification, CARB certification,  JAS certification, F17 certification,F11 certification,BSI-benchmark AS 6669,
BSI-benchmark AS/NZS 2269 and passed ISO9001.
If you choose us, you don't have to worry about quality problems. We have a professional team to serve you.
What is bintangor plywood?

Bintangor plywood is a type of plywood that is made from the wood of the bintangor tree (Calophyllum spp.), which is native to Southeast Asia. It is a popular and widely used plywood due to its attractive appearance, ease of use, and affordable cost.

Bintangor plywood typically has a reddish-brown color and a straight grain pattern. It is a lightweight plywood, which makes it easy to handle and work with. Bintangor plywood is also known for its smooth surface, which makes it a suitable choice for applications where a smooth finish is required.

Some of the key features and uses of bintangor plywood include:

Furniture: Bintangor plywood is commonly used in furniture manufacturing, particularly for pieces that are meant to have a natural or rustic look. Its attractive grain pattern and reddish-brown color make it a popular choice for furniture makers.

Interior design: Bintangor plywood is used in interior design applications such as wall paneling and ceiling tiles. Its smooth surface and attractive appearance make it a suitable choice for these applications.

Building and construction: Bintangor plywood is used in building and construction applications such as subflooring, wall and roof sheathing, and concrete formwork. Its strength, durability, and affordability make it a suitable choice for these applications.

DIY projects: Bintangor plywood is a popular choice for DIY projects such as shelves, storage units, and decorative accents. Its affordability and ease of use make it a popular choice for those who enjoy woodworking or home improvement projects.

Overall, bintangor plywood is a versatile and widely used plywood that is suitable for a range of applications due to its attractive appearance, ease of use, and affordability.
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Product classification
Product details
  1. F17 Formply Plywood Formwork, AS6669:2016 plywood ,1800*1200mm
  2. Flower shelf plate
  3. Leader Film faced plywood
  4. Phenolic Board Black Film Faced Construction Formwork Plywood for Philippines
  5. Round Column and C-type Film Faced Plywood
  6. PP polypropylene plastic Film Faced Plywood
  7. High Quality Film Faced Plywood
  8. Anti slip film faced plywood
  9. Black/Brown/Red Film Faced Plywood
  10. Poplar Core Film Faced Plywood for Construction
  11. CC 17-1 Film Faced Plywood
  12. China Film Faced Plywood
  13. CC 17-2 Film Faced Plywood


  1. Full Birch Plywood Leader Plywood CE Certification
  2. Plywood for Japan Market with JAS
  3. Pine Face Commercial Plywood
  4. 1220x2440 mm Best Quality Okoume Plywood
  5. Best Quality Plywood
  6. Bintangor Face Plywood
  7. China commercial Plywood
  8. Cheaper Packing Plywoods
  9. High Quality HPL Plywood
  10. 18mm Okoume Plywood
  11. Plywood with hole
  12. Engineered Veneered Commercial Plywood EV plywood
  13. 18mm birch plywood 4x8
  14. CC Brand Poplar Core Plywood
  1. OSB with JAS for Japan market
  2. MDI OSB Isocyanate glue radiata pine OSB
  3. Surface slotted smart OSB
  4. smart OSB ply grooved wall panels
  5. High Quality China OSB
  6. OSB Core with Poplar Face
  7. High Quality OSB with Melamine Paper
  8. Phenolic glue OSB/4
  9. radiant barrier OSB
  10. EPS OSB-SIP OSB-Sandwich Wall Panle
  11. Tongue and Groove OSB T and G OSB
  12. film faced osb board osb panel
  13. China OSB Factory